Our Review On Kylie Lip Kit

We finally got our hands on Kylie Lip Kits , We saw a lot of people liking it & a lot of people didn’t so we thought to get it for ourselves so that we try & give our review on it.


Mali’s Review

I love the packaging , its attractive i love how on the packing the lipstick is dripping from the lips.
and also what makes it cute that Kylie’s signature is on the bottle so that’s all about the packing of Kylie lip kit. if we talk about its matte liquid lipstick , the shades are good but when u apply it on your lips, it felt a bit too dry which is very uncomfortable , its not so long lasting but compare to other liquid lipsticks it wasn’t so hard for me to take it off! if i would rate Kylie Lip Kit i would rate the packaging 10/10. for its liquid lipstick i would rate 6.5/10 cause its not long lasting it needs touch ups after every hour or so and finely the lip liner that comes in the kit, which is fine to me it does it job well so 8\10. My favorite shades are #dolcek & #Truebrownk

Fami’s Review

Kylie Lip kit is cute by its packaging & if i talk about its formula it isn’t so pleasant tbh, it kinda disappointed me cause i wore it all day long in a party & it needed touch ups quite a few times. it made my lips super wrinkly & patchy so i would suggest u to apply lip balm before & after it. The colors are nice i love the shades tbh. my fave shade are #22 & #KourtK


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